Saving lives ‘4 paws at a time’ on the Caribbean island of Nevis

Proposed Veterinary Clinic building

 The CARE Nevis Animal Centre : A Veterinary Hospital, Rescue Shelter, Dog Parks, Education Centre and the "Pawse Cafe"


C.A.R.E. Nevis Animal Society projects to radically improve veterinary and welfare services for all companion animals on Nevis  will soon be building with your help.


CARE has identified an urgent need to improve the general wellbeing and  access to modern veterinary medicine on Nevis for all companion animals. 2014 has been a year of planning and building a project to radically improve the services available for the pets on our island.. Step by step we are working towards the ultimate goals of creating a multi-service Animal Centre and Park..We recently purchased a new  CARE van which will be outfitted for multiple purposes including Rescue, Pet Taxi and with Emergency  equipment to serve as a Pet Ambulance.This veicle will eventually bring pet owners with no transport of their own to our Veterinary cllinic.


Currently veterinary care on Nevis has only basic facilities offering First Aid and simple treatments with a spay clinic one morning per week. For advanced medical treatments, we must travel by sea and road to Ross University Animal Hospital on the neighbouring island of St Kitts, an option that is outside the means of the majority of local pet owners. CARE Nevis islaunching our Capital Campaign to build a new full service small animal veterinary hospital. fully equipped with a surgical suite, diagnostic lab, ICU ward and isolation unit for infectious diseases such as parvo virus. We will  provide full service veterinary treatments incuding spay neuter, surgeries,  grooming and, with your help, maintain a fund for the medical care of Shelter animals and to subsidise low cost  treatments for pets of  families in need

‘Thanks a Million’ ,  Our Goal is to raise $1.2 million dollars to build a new CARE Animal Centre, bringing 21st century Veterinary Medicine and best practices in companion animal welfare to Nevis.



Thank you for your gift for the small animals on Nevis . Donations can be made through Paypal.


For US citizens wishing to make a substantial gift we are members of CAF America –Charities Aid Foundation. Gifts made to CARE through CAF America’s website are eligible for IRS Tax credits or through CAF America for a tax credit for US citizens. Please don’t delay, Donate Today !

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