Saving lives ‘4 paws at a time’ on the Caribbean island of Nevis

C.A.R.E Nevis on Facebook

C.A.R.E Nevis on Facebook

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Tails from a Caribbean Shelter

Tails from a Caribbean Shelter.


The very beginning of the story.

In the autumn of 2007 when I announced to my friends in Antibes, France, that I was quitting ‘La Cote d’Azur’ and moving lock, stock, bar-rel and 3 dogs to the Caribbean island of Nevis, they all looked at me askance, like I had grown a furry tail and floppy ears. “What you? In the Caribbean lounging on a beach ? Never ! What’ll you do Jane? Can’t see you leading the ‘retired ex-pat’ lifestyle of sipping rum in the sun !


Well, they were all more than prescient, as the tale will eventually unfold. I had nearly killed myself running a business in France working long hours to pay the French Tax ‘Nazis’ and not having enough time to play with my dogs or have much of a life for myself. So the decision was made one August afternoon that by January 1st 2008, I and my family would be wakening up on the serene green Caribbean isle of Nevis. On the chilly but bright morning of December 14th, 2007, my husband Patrick, myself and 3 dogs set off on our epic voyage to begin a new life far , far away from the reaches of the social security tax leeches and the nay-sayers of what one is, or not, allowed to do to survive in a small business in France. We’re off ! Nice airport here we come.


1 husband; check, 3 dogs; check, 3 airline kennels; check, 4 suitcases, carry-on , extra carriers… oh stuff it.., far too much luggage—check !

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