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 Jack Russell terrier



Breed : Nevisian Jack Russell Terrier


Age : 2


Looking for " A Forever home with a fun loving family


Sex : Male


Size : 18lbs


Jack was picked up from a neighbouring village when his previous owners moved home and left Jack in teh strett Home-Less !

 Within just two days he had woggled his way into our hearts, out of the shelter pens and into the denizens of our 'House Pack'. His quirky playful character  where he would steal the other dogs toys then provoke them to chase him to retreive their toy always made us laugh. He was accepted immediately by our 8 House Pack dogs. Jack wants this time to find a forever home, He never wants to  again find himself alone unloved and we agree. Whoever adopts Jack will have a friend for life, we love him and we're sure you will too !

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Adopt a Shelter Animal.

We believe at C.A.R.E. Nevis that every animal deserves a 2nd chance at a happy life. The dogs we rescue are all “Island “ dogs. On Nevis the local term for mixed breed dogs is ’dung-pan dog’ , not nice. Therefore every dog in our Shelter is given a proper name, one which suits the character or markings of the animal. People may say ’What’s in a Name? We believe everything.


Any dog or puppy that is adopted or fostered through C.A.R.E. Nevis goes to its new home, happy, healthy and well adjusted through our exact rehabilitation process. If the animals have reached the appropriate age they will be spay / neutered, if not we provide a voucher for free spay neuter when the puppy comes of age.


Foster: for those not ready to commit full time.

We encourage animal lovers to consider fostering one of our shelter dogs. All our rescues need some socialisation’ in a loving home to help them become trusting of humans and to enjoy walking with a human companion.


Can’t Foster a dog at your place ? Then how about an ‘E-Foster ?’ We’ll provide you with a portfolio and reg-ular updates of your E Fostered pup. Click for details

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