Saving lives ‘4 paws at a time’ on the Caribbean island of Nevis


MARLEY’s FUND for Pawsitive Change


CARE Nevis Inc is an NGO /NPO established in 2010. Since the beginning over 450 dogs have found safe haven in the CARE animal shelter providing sanctuary and rehabilitation for homeless and neglected companion animals. We help hundreds more every year in our island community relying on grants and public generosity to fulfill our mission. Our first rescue in 2009 was Marley a victim of dog fighting. he was given 6 months to live but Marley had bigger plans . Beating all odds he recovered and became an important member of the CARE Rescue team.


For 6 years he welcomed all newcomers but had a special place in his gentle soul for puppies. He worked alongside us tirelessly, comforting & melting away the fears of our rescues.. In July 2016 Marley retired over the Rainbow Bridge. To honour his legacy CARE Nevis has created a year round fund to cover the medical and rehabilitation costs of ensuring a 2nd chance at life for Nevis dogs and cats. A donation to “Marley's Fund” keeps their hopes alive .


Some animals that we rescue arrive with urgent medical needs, some animals are barely alive due to the abuse they’ve suffered.  We run a No Kill Shelter to ensure that each animal is given the care and medical treatment they need to recover and go on to a second chance at life and love.


 Please make a donation today and help us nurture animals back to health. Or, help us by providing a steady and cost-effective source of income with a monthly donation.


 Thank you on behalf of the animals


 Jane Ebbitt                         


CARE Nevis Animal Society




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