Saving lives ‘4 paws at a time’ on the Caribbean island of Nevis

C.A.R.E Nevis Animal Society

Ways To Help


We named our Medical fund in honour of ‘FLAME’ -the dog pictured above. When everyone turned their backs on this tortured pup, CARE came to her rescue. Thanks to CARE and well wishers, Flame fully recovered and now lives a happy life in a loving home in New Jersey !


A one off or monthly gift helps us meet the needs of the animals in our care and other animals in the community.



Help us walk our shelter dogs or socialise the pups and dogs in need of some extra love and human companionship. Pet Taxi service driver for people with no transport to take pets to the vet .



We have limited space in our shelter. Our rescues need a safe place to heal. We need people to Foster dogs until a permanent home is found. If you can adopt or offer a foster home Please call.



We always need supplies, dog/cat food, toys, towels, anti-flea tick treatments.

Flame’s Fund covers the costs of emergency medical care and surgeries for our rescued animals and also to assist pets in the community who’s guardians cannot afford the veteri-nary fees. We are dedicated to helping any sick or injured pet


Give the gift of health :

Donate to Flame’s Fund for emergency treatments or buy a gift for an island dog with a CARE Health voucher. $150 EC pays for a spay or neuter. $120 pays for a course of 3 vaccinations against lethal viruses.


30 USD will buy a 50lb bag of dry food to feed the adult dogs in the CARE shelter for a week.
50 USD will pay for a dog to receive the basic vaccinations against lethal viruses including parvovirus.
60 USD will pay for spay and neuter surgeries, controlling the animal population.
75 USD  will pay for the food and medications needed to save the life of a severely emaciated pup.
100 USD donations are  placed in Flame’s Fund for emergency and other lifesaving surgeries or treatments for  rescued or owned animals in need.


If you are a resident of St Kitts or Nevis and wish to send a special Gift certificate to a specific person and their pet, please contact us and we will deliver your gift voucher directly to them. Contact us for further details.

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